Fine Arts is a sub-program of Two Twelve where students learn how to discover, develop, and deploy their specific and individual gifts and talents for ministry in the future.

This is a yearly competition associated with The Assemblies of God network where scholarships are given out every year for students who rank highly. There is a district level in New Mexico where they have to place in order to be invited to the national event every year. Then students travel to the nationals city and compete for a week while making memories with friends that will last for years. Hosting National Cities have been anywhere from Orlando to Phoenix, from Washington D.C. to Anaheim, and everywhere in between. We try to make this a fun and exciting trip that won't soon be forgotten! There are over 70 categories where students can get involved and there is no limit to how many categories they choose.

If you are interested in the Fine Arts program, here are a few resources you can look into and explore.

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